HS Hacks

This hackathon was a large hackathons based only for High schooler and my team were creating an alarm system using a tesel but after running into many problems with the tesel we faild to sucessfully create a product from this hack.

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HackGen Y

This hacathon was my very fist hackathon and started my intrest in programing.In this hackathon my team created retrospects which was an educational game teaching basic computer parts to educate children.

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Hacking EDU

In this hackathon my team created an app for ios and android which is called Ludus. As of rght now we have not published this app because it is still under production but its an app that helps to connect students in sports to thier coaches and it will have many other features as well.

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Make Hacks

This hackathon was a very intresting one.My team created an android ios and a website called TLDR which is a synthesis analyser on any text you input and wil out put diffrent peices of data.

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Los Altos Hacks

This Hackathon was sponserd by microsoft and was a very fun hackathin. My group created a stress releaving app where we did lots of research on the human brain and found 2 fetures which will relax the minds of people and to distract them from all the stress they have built inside them. This hackathon was very organized and had great food.

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About Me

I am a 16 year old programmer and i have been coding since I was 12 years old.I have been to a couple hackathons and I am well rounded in my school acedemics. I love to learn any type of new language. I love to develop mobile app for android and web development.

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